What We Do

  • Orphan Care

    Caring for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) is one of Yezelalem Minch’s primary objectives. We strive to provide integrative care for the neediest of these children in our communities – often looked after by a single impoverished parent, grandparent, extended family member, or even a young sibling – by ensuring that basic physical, educational, and emotional needs are met.

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  • Household Livelihood

    The household livelihood empowerment program focuses on equipping the guardians of orphaned and vulnerable children, to the point where they no longer require extra support to sustain their family. There are three major pieces to this effort: improving the emotional/psychological perspective, providing organized skill training, and equipping individuals and groups with business seed capital.

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  • Capacity Building

    In addition to direct assistance to orphaned children and their community caretakers, Yezelalem Minch also plays a role in building the capacity of major stakeholders and partners working toward similar objectives. These commonly include government offices and community support groups. The benefits of capacity building can include education, training, experience sharing, and material support.

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