Tarekegn’s Story

Eight years ago, five children came to Yezelalem Minch with a sealed letter from the local government. The children’s parents had died from HIV/AIDS, and 14-year-old Yaineabeba was left to take care of her three siblings as well as their cousin, Tarekegn, whose parents had also passed away. Yezelalem Minch established Faith Home to help Yaineabeba as she cared for her siblings and cousin, and all of the children were received as a part of the Yezelalem Minch family.

Tarekegn was 14 years old when he and his cousins joined Yezelalem Minch, and was able to return to school. At age 19, he started income-generating activities (IGA) through Yezelalem Minch, and helped support his uncle through candle making. His plan, however, was to obtain a driving license and to work as a driver. Tarekegn received intensive follow-up on his schooling, and also began living on his own in the community.

Tarekegn is now in the 10th grade. He was able to obtain his driving license and got a job working as a public taxi, gaining good experience as a driver. Now recently, Tarekegn has been hired by Yezelalem Minch as a staff driver and has graduated from the Yezelalem Minch program. He is still attending school regularly in the evenings, and has plans to attend university in the future as well.

Tarekegn says that if it were not for Yezelalem Minch, he would never have been able to go to school at all. He also is very thankful to Mrs. Birtukan Sinshaw (visionary founder of Yezelalem Minch) and her family, as well as the staff of Yezelalem Minch, who have supported him in his need, mentored him to shape his life in a Godly manner, and invested in his life to see him become an independent young man.

Thank you for your sponsorship and prayer support for Yezelalem Minch!