Psycho-Social Care

Yezelalem Minch strives to assist the whole child – physical, social, and spiritual. Because many orphans have experienced extreme loss, trauma, and other complex challenges, it is not enough to deal only with the child’s physical health.

We have a number of strategies to help overcome these challenges. One of these is engaging children in group moral education, gearing them to develop ethical behavior in the community they live in. Our trained community volunteers serve a critical role of encouragement, guidance, and counseling through trauma and difficult circumstances.

Yezelalem Minch also works to encourage social interaction and peer cohesion among our children, enhance self esteem, identify interests and talents, and maximize potential. To this end, we have organized clubs to participate in such activities as drama, music, and sports. Healthy entertainment, special holiday celebrations, and annual recreation trips also provide an opportunity for our children to enjoy time together and have new experiences.

Every week, Yezelalem Minch hosts a Saturday Feeding Program at multiple branch locations, where children can come together for a meal and recreation time together. While the lunch program offers a small nutritional benefit to the children, it also serves as an opportunity to several widowed mothers who can earn income by preparing the meals. But the most important benefit of this program is the psycho-social one: it is a weekly opportunity for the children to play freely and interact with each other, our community volunteers, and staff.