Orphan Care

Caring for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) is one of Yezelalem Minch’s primary objectives. We strive to provide integrative care for the neediest of these children in our communities – often looked after by a single impoverished parent, grandparent, extended family member, or even a young sibling – by ensuring that basic physical, educational, and emotional needs are met.

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    Educational Support

    Yezelalem Minch ensures that all registered children attend school by covering school fees, providing uniforms and school supplies, as well as opportunities for tutoring, peer mentoring, and more.

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    Health & Nutrition

    Yezelalem Minch provides every child with monthly food support, health check-ups, coverage of medical care, basic health training, as well as shoes, clothing, and hygiene supplies.

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    Psycho-Social Care

    Because many orphans have experienced extreme loss, trauma, and other complex challenges, Yezelalem Minch strives to address children’s mental and emotional health.

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    Legal Support

    Yezelalem Minch seeks to fight and prevent child neglect and abuse by working in partnership with government offices and community support groups.

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