Household Livelihood

The household livelihood empowerment program focuses on equipping the guardians of orphaned and vulnerable children, to the point where they no longer require extra support to sustain their family. There are three major pieces to this effort: improving the emotional/psychological perspective, providing organized skill training, and equipping individuals and groups with business seed capital.

We encourage families to take advantage of the opportunities available to them which help them to become increasingly self reliant. Older children in the program can also take advantage of some of these opportunities. These include:

  • Income Generating Activities

    Training for families and older children on micro enterprise development and small business skills.

  • Self-Help Groups

    Organizing guardians into Self-Help Groups in which they plan and form a small business together.

  • Vocational Skill Training

    Vocational skill training for older children, especially those who do not continue their education at the university level.

  • Starter Funding

    Providing micro-business supplies and/or business seed capital as funds are available.