Health & Nutrition

Yezelalem Minch provides every child with monthly food support, annual health check-ups, full coverage of medical care, as well as shoes, clothing, and hygiene supplies. Using Child Status Index standards, Yezelalem Minch identifies children who may be suffering from such serious health issues as malnutrition or HIV/AIDS, in order to provide supplementary food and special medical attention to help address their specific needs.

Additionally, we provide preventative health education for children and their guardians – empowering them to understand how best to manage their health, and collaborate with institutions providing community health services. When a child gets sick, the full cost of his or her medical expenses are covered or reimbursed by Yezelalem Minch, helping to ensure that the child gets the help he or she needs. Children can get basic health assistance from the YMCCD staff nurses, go to the governmental health institutions, or get referrals to hospitals for major care.

Lack of food is a very real problem for many of our community families. Our mission is to see that no child should die of hunger, be critically malnourished, or drop out of school due to lack of food. Although we do provide a level of direct food support, Yezelalem Minch discourages dependency on food handouts and has designed several programs that can empower our families to be more self-reliant. We enable households towards food security through education concerning healthy and balanced diets, and by engaging targeted households in income generating activities.