Yezelalem Minch asserts that all orphaned and vulnerable children should have the right to attend school, regardless of their material and financial ability. Education is not only a key component of a child finding success in his or her life, but also vital to the economic well-being of our communities and our country. We believe that investment into children’s education today will be reaped in the future in jobs, development, and economic growth.

We support families in sending their children to school by providing school materials and uniforms, and covering school fees. Additionally, we organize tutorial programs and peer mentoring for our community children in order to help them succeed in their studies. Children who cannot get educational support at home may come to the local project compound to do their homework and reading in the study corner – where chairs, desks, and reference books are also available.

In recent years, Yezelalem Minch has been operating a small preschool in Addis Ababa for younger children in the community who need a special level of care and attention. This program has been incredibly successful. In only a few years, the number of children enrolled has grown to more than 50 students.

Children typically remain in the Yezelalem Minch program for as long as they are in school. Children who manage to go to university will continue to get special assistance until they graduate. For children who do not enroll in a university, we encourage vocational training programs facilitated by local government institutions. Yezelalem Minch is also in the process of developing a vocational training center of our own.