Capacity Building

In addition to direct assistance to orphaned children and their community caretakers, Yezelalem Minch also plays a role in building the capacity of major stakeholders and partners working toward similar objectives. These commonly include government offices and community support groups. The benefits of capacity building can include education, training, experience sharing, and material support.

Some of the activities designed under this program include:

  • Training

    Hosting training workshops for government officials, community based organizations, faith based organizations, and other relevant civil society organizations.

  • Discussion

    Facilitating discussion workshops with partner government officers, helping us to have common understanding and a chance to share knowledge and experience.

  • Networking

    Participating in networks, forums, and joint ventures to foster knowledge and widen spheres of influence.

  • Support

    Providing material support for institutions working toward similar objectives, and occasionally for government partners to help support activities on which we have a common interest.