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Our Partners

  • Helps Ministries

    Helps Ministries is an inter-denominational Christian nonprofit headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina. Helps exists to “maximize mission impact” by providing professional services that strengthen Christian ministries worldwide.

    Helps Ministries has played a significant role in the foundation and growth of Yezelalem Minch since 2001, primarily by providing child sponsorship facilitation, donation/campaign processing and administrative support. Yezelalem Minch’s current child sponsorship program is managed largely in partnership with Helps Ministries.

  • ESAP2 (World Bank)

    The Ethiopia Social Accountability Program 2 has a countrywide scope and articulates the needs and concerns of citizens regarding their access to education, health, water and sanitation, agriculture and rural roads.

    ESAP2 aims to strengthen the use of social accountability tools, approaches and mechanisms by citizens and citizens’ groups, civil society organizations, local government officials and service providers as a means to make basic service delivery more equitable, effective, efficient, responsive and accountable.

  • Church Alliance

    The YZM Church Alliance is a funding and partnership program established on behalf of Yezelalem Minch and supporting churches around the world. Church partners participate through financial support, sponsorship promotion, prayer commitment, and/or mission trips to Ethiopia.

    Though not comprehensive, some of our major Church Alliance partners include:
    Parkview Church
    Rehoboth CRC
    Holland Heights CRC